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The name’s Hale…Bennie Hale. Er, Hale-Cuda, actually. That’s right! In the midst of a global pandemic, and the muggy heat of mid-July in rural South Carolina, I managed to marry my favorite person. After buying our first house in January and getting engaged in March, we thought, “how can we make this year even more stressful? I know! Let’s plan a wedding for three months from now.” Well, maybe it was my idea and he was just helplessly along for the ride, but the details aren’t important.

Aside from being an amazing…ly bratty wife to my husband, I’m also a…

My Analysis of the Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

How to talk to people who believe in QAnon (yahoo.com)

What is QAnon?

If nothing else throughout my research of this topic, I have finally found a group of people who gets under my skin faster than a flat earther. Since it’s inception in 2017, QAnon has become a conglomerate of extreme right-wing conspiracy theories based around the idea that Donald Trump is single-handedly trying to dismantle a corrupt Democratic cabal that operates in what is known as the “Deep State”. The best part? …

The Polish journalist who risked his life to fight government corruption

Wojciech Dabek on Unsplash (Rakon, Poland)

On September 1, 1992, in Poznan, Poland, 24-year-old Jaroslaw Zietara said goodbye to his girlfriend and left his apartment, heading to the editorial office of the Gazeta Poznanska where he worked as an investigative journalist. However, he would never arrive at his destination, nor would he ever be seen again by his friends and family.

Who Was Jaroslaw Zietara

Jaroslaw was born on September 16th, 1968 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Despite his young age at the time of his disappearance, Jaroslaw had a slew of academic and professional accomplishments under his belt and was…

“Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”


If you watched the first Presidential Debate on September 29th in its entirety, first of all, congratulations on making it through the entire debate. What a painful yet necessary experience it was and I’m here for you in solidarity. None of us deserved to be subjected to that.

Despite the difficulty of sitting through that first debate, it proved to be pivotal for me, as I’m sure it was for millions of other Americans. You see, up until that day I had never registered to vote. This was never something that I was…

For the spiritual and non-spiritual alike.

Photo: Jonny Lew from Pexels

The air smells distinctly of dragon’s blood essential oil and the devil’s lettuce, with a hint of lavender incense thrown in for maximum inner peace. “Dani California” plays in the background as your friend tells you, ad nauseum, about a new meditation method that his favorite TikTok spiritualist shared that will boost your immune system. It’s life-changing, man. You share a philosophy you saw on YouTube about how we’re actually all God and then you both sit quietly for a few minutes wondering, like…what even is life? The soft glow of string lights around…

Next month, I will turn 25. A quarter of a century has passed since I made my grand entrance into this broken, beautiful world and I’ve learned a lot. Granted, not as much as my mother or her mother have learned in their time here…but still, a lot. My brother turned 18 and graduated this year and watching him grow up has caused me to reflect on my own life. The decisions I made, the heartbreaks, the good times, the lessons I’ve learned since I was his age. I’m older and wiser now, but not so old that I can’t…

Bennie Hale-Cuda

I love to research things, and I love to share what I learn with others. I also love sarcasm and purple yam cakes.

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